Friday, May 4, 2012

A Busy Week

I seem to have become a hit or miss blogger.  I don't know where the days go but they sure go fast.

 Tuesday we had a fun day picking strawberries.  Boy all that dirt and pesticide sure taste good.

I added a few more blocks to my Farmer's Wife quilt.  I am trying to decide on the sashing fabric to use.  The quilt seems a little dark and I am trying to think of some way to brighten it up.  Any suggestions?

 Thursday I made Lillian a little short outfit.

I also completed  this weeks Barrister's Sow Along Blocks 
and am  following along with Cheri from Quilts by Cheri with her little Georgia quilt along.

So I guess the week was a busy one after all but you will notice I didn't mention anything about cleaning or cooking.
Happy stitching,


  1. That is such a darling picture of Lillian eating those strawberries! Yummy they look delicious! Love the little shorts outfit you sewed, too! I think you got a lot done and the cleaning and cooking can wait!!

  2. Well, I see why your time goes are really busy. That's a lot to accomplish in a week. Love the photo with Lillian eating strawberries.

  3. Lillian had a blast picking strawberries! Next up blueberries. We love the new outfits, so cute and comfy. Thank you Mom!


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