Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plain and Simple

Cheri from Quilts by Cheri is doing a little mystery quilt this week called Plain and Simple.
I have decided I like to make little quilts because they are quick to do and usually don't become UFO's.  Day one we made six little four patches and today we added the corner triangles.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

I have also completed three more Barristers Blocks  this week.  (AKA - A Farmers Wife)

The next installment of Just Takes 2 came out and it is really frightening.  We also got instructions for putting all the blocks we have made so far together and it is really going to be a special quilt  when completed.

Happy stitching,


Kris said...

Nancy - Your Plain and simple is great!! I love the mustard corners and what a great way to use up scraps!! And I love the fabric you are using on your Barrister Blocks. I am so far behind in all my projects that if I don't get some quilting time in the UFOs are going to "take me away to the loony bin"!! LOL!! Kris

judith lockhart said...

Glad you are getting a lot of quilting done! Your little quilt looks really cute as do your Farmer's Wife blocks!

Gayle said...

Your quilts look great. I know what you mean about large quilts becoming UFO'S

Dawn said...

Sweet little quilt - love your colors. I saw Cheri;s and am so tempted. Nice Farmer's Wife blocks too.
You will have an hirloom with the Takes Two quilt!!

Kristin said...

Here from Sew Many Ways. I've looked through some of your previous posts. Your quilts are beautiful! Someday I hope to have the space and time to work on a large quilt... but for now I'll settle for doing what I can. :)