Saturday, May 7, 2011

Snappy Bag and GO

This is the fourth project in my Accuquilt Die Challenge.  I am using the 2" square die and the Funky Flower Die to make my Snappy bag.

I wanted to make a black and white bag so I gathered all my black and white scraps and placed them on the die rolled them through and very quickly ended up with all these nice little 2" squares.

 I arranged them in the order I wanted and sewed them together into little rows.  Then I sewed the rows together to make my bag front and back.
I pressed the rows on one piece going up and  the rows on the other piece going down so the seams would butt together when I assembled my bag.
Next I got out my Funky Flower die and fabric.
I ironed a piece of Lite Steam-A-Seam2 to the back of my fabric and ran it through the cutter to get these cute little flower shapes.  I placed them on the front of my bag ironed them down and stitched around the edges.

The next step was to stabilize the bag so I ironed a piece of fusible interfacing to the back of both pieces.

 I wanted to have a little black trim on the front of my bag so I sewed a piece of black fabric to the top of the bag

and since this is the casing the metal tape is going through I reinforced it with some batting.  I also trimmed the batting out of the seam allowance to eliminate some thickness.Next I cut two pieces of lining fabric the same size as the bag front and back and sewed them to the black fabric

I  made a simple pocket and sewed it to the lining before sewing the bag together.  I also made little loops for my strap to go through but failed to take pictures.
I wanted the bottom of my bag to be curved so I used my masking tape roll to draw a curve stitching    line on both corners---- put the bag right sides together and sewed  around the edges leaving an opening in the bottom of the lining to turn the bag through.

 I cut my metal tape the width of the bag top curved the ends and covered them with clear duct tape.
Then I  folded the top of the bag down  to cover the tape and have enough to stitch down.

I cut a piece of black fabric for the strap 4 times the width of the finished strap.  Pressed it in half  opened it and pressed each side to the center and stitched down both sides. Put the strap through the loops and tied an overhand knot.

Check out the tutorial for the
Snappy Bag on my blog for a little more direction.
This is not a pattern and you should use your own sizes and materials for your bag if you make one.
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  1. Thumbs Up ! ! !
    On your AccuQuilt Die Challenge, Nancy.
    Great bag.
    The appliquéd flowers are just the thing ! ! !
    We l♥ve our GO! dies.

  2. Darling!!! I have always loved the black/white and red combinations.


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