Monday, May 9, 2011

Beyond the Cherry Trees Progress

I know this is not a very good picture because I just don't have enough room to stand far enough back from my design wall---but I though I would show you the progress I have made on my Cherry Tree quilt.

I also made a couple of changes to my quilt. The purple in the grapes just didn't seem to fit with all the other red and green blocks.  Some of the others made their cherries red and they fit better but I didn't want to do all those cherries over so I just put some leaves around the vine.

I never really liked the pineapple block.  To me it just looks weird and not at all like a pineapple---also there is no red in this block.  So I found another block in one of my applique books made a few changes and had it enlarged to fit.

My only dilemma now is should I change the purple basket in this block.  I will wait and see what the last six blocks are about before making that decision.


  1. I am also changing the pineapple block. I am doing one from another antique quilt, I am not thrilled with it.

  2. I think your quilt is coming together great. Love the designs, prints, colors. Wish I could help on the purple basket, but I love it. I suspect you are right to see how it all looks as it comes together as the basket size is large, but still I do so love the purple. Looking forward to seeing how this quilt comes together. Going to be an award winning quilt...and I do so hope you'll enter it in a show(s).



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