Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beyond The Cherry Trees

I know you all must think all I do is applique and for the most part you are  right.

This is my block three.  Those dreaded fingers.  I was really surprised  it didn't fall apart when I washed it.  
This is one I am not at all happy with -  putting it aside while I worked on others was not a good idea because now it doesn't seem to fit in. I changed my yellows and this one seems way too dark.  Heaven forbid I should have to do it over.
If anyone has any suggestions as to how I could make it fit better please speak up.  I would really appreciate it.

Block eight was a fun block and not too challenging just lots of  little leaves.

I didn't do the bird in the center on block nine but I did add an extra leaf.  Most of these blocks don't look at all balanced to me.

 Block ten was another fairly simple block just more leaves.   I just put one stem to each cherry. The pattern has several stems to each cherry but they were embroidered.

 I like block eleven I  made the basket purple instead of green like in the directions.  I think my quilt has enough green with all those green leaves and stems  and this is my quilt so I feel it is alright to change what I don't like about the pattern.

These are my blocks so far.....not a great picture but you can get the idea.  I  have laid them out like the original so I could see where I needed certain colors.  Don't want another block three fiasco.

I would really like to catch up so I can  concentrate on just one block a month but the blocks I have let are a little challenging.  I have finished the vines on the grape block in the center but not all those bazillion circles and I see more fingers in blocks 12 and 13.
I have other projects I need to do this week so I won't be moving as fast on this one.
Happy stitching.


  1. Nancy, your blocks are beautiful! Most people just wish they had the time to work on applique like you do. I like the colors in the first block you showed and think because this is a reproduction of an antique quilt, the different greens used and not perfectly balanced leaves, blocks, add to the character of the quilt instead of it all being perfectly symmetrical. It gives the eye another glance as you look at the blocks and they will all blend beautifully together!

  2. This quilt is really coming along. I know what you mean about the symmetry thing - non-sym things sort of make me batty unless they are obviously supposed to be asymmetrical. I think if you added a group of red berries, or 4 simple red flowers to the center of block three it would fit better - it seems to be one of the only blocks with no red in it.

  3. You did so well doing those "fingers". I can see why you would want to put off doing that block.

  4. Oh, Nancy - Your blocks are looking gorgeous!! I keep saying I am going to try applique and one of these days I am going to start one of the many patterns I have purchased!! Although, its very intimidating to me - especially the bazillion circles kind of block!! :-) Kris

  5. Nancy they are turning out great! I agree some of them feel unbalance but I think in the end it will be a super quilt that I will love! I am dreading the pineapple are way ahead of me!

  6. I am so admiring this project and your work on it! I love needle-turned applique (to look at!) but have no patience with it, so am quilting vicariously here watching your great pieces come to life. Please keep sharing!

    - Mary, The Curious Quilter

  7. This is so beautiful! I wish I had decided I could applique, and tried this one at the start--it really has such a delightful charm! I will have to simply enjoy yours as it grows!


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