Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quilt for A Friend

A Friend gave me this fabric several years ago to use as I choose.
I decided to make her a quilt with it.
These are her colors and she had already cut some of the 2.5" strips.  She is a weaver not a quilter and I don't know what she had planned to do with the fabric but I guess she changed her mind.
The strips have been hanging in my sewing room all these years,  Everyday I would look at them and think of my friend.  I finally found a pattern that looks like weaving.  Now all I have to do is make the label.
I don't usually put labels on my quilts - VBG - but this one has to have one.
I hope she likes it.


  1. Oh, yeah, Nancy, she is going to LOVE IT ! ! ! !

  2. Nancy, she will love her quilt. I like the bright colors and the quilt will be perfect for a weaver.

  3. That is a perfect pattern for a weaver! She will love it!

  4. It's so pretty! Thanks for sharing it!!

  5. Great quilt for a weaver! I bet she is surprised to see the fabrics again. I'm glad you will label it... NO LABELS on most of your quilts... tsk, tsk... there should always be a record of the maker, it makes the quilt more valuable to have a history! I actually just had a client for whom I made a memory quilt out of old clothing ask me to be sure I labeled it with my name and date because she values the story behind a quilt as much as the quilt itself. I appreciated the nudge because I wasn't sure about labeling a quilt I was paid to make for someone else. Live and learn.

  6. I'm visiting your blog as part of the Christmas Quilt Show. Your friend will surely love this beautiful quilt, and I think a label will make it all the more personal.

  7. Nancy - What a perfect gift for your weaver friend!!! And since she had chosen the colors, she'll love it!! Vey considerate of you!!!


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