Friday, November 12, 2010

Lollypop Trees

have been working away on my Lollypop Trees and have managed to finish six blocks.
I like the way they are turning out although sometime I think I spend too much time stressing over not having the exact fabric.

I am using the freezer paper on top method without marking on the fabric. 
I like this method but I wish I could figure out a way to see the fabrics on the block before I sew them down.
I think it would help make my fabric choices easier.
I am always surprised when I peel off the paper.

I have other things I need to do  before I guess I will have to slow down on this one for a while.
In January I make so many plans for the coming year and when November rolls around I find I haven't followed through on too many of them.
I wonder if anyone else is like that or is it just me or do I really think I can accomplish so much.


  1. It's not just you, Nancy, look at my list of quilts I was going to finish this year. About choosing fabrics for your lollypop trees - when I am choosing the circles, I use my green plastic template with all the circle shapes to find the right size and just lay that over the fabrics, then put my freezer paper circle right over it. As far as other shapes, I may just lay my hands around the fabric to show about the size of the piece. I guess the element of surprise works okay, too! Beautiful blocks and fabrics you have chosen!

  2. These lollypop trees are very nice. It seems to be from the pictures that you have done lot of work on it. And that too is creative work. So you should carry on.


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