Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chez Moi Birthday Quilt

I just finished this quilt for my Daughter's Birthday. It's a free pattern from Moda called Chez Moi. I was a little disappointed in the weight of the quilt.. I used Minkee for the backing and the batting I choose was a little too heavy. I never know what kind of batting to use with Minkee.
Anyway it's finished... in the mail and I hope she likes it.


  1. Your daughter's quilt is very beautiful. I agree Minkie is heavy. My friend always uses Hobbs 80/20 and it doesn't seem too heavy. Glad you have joined blogging. I have found it has really helped me catalog the quilts I have made and forced me to finish all the UFO's crammed into cabinets in my sewing room. It is also fun to blog with people from all over the world and see the creativeness all around us. Enjoy.

  2. Hi Nancy, I've just discovered your blog... your quilts are beautiful. I live in Queensland,Australia so the temperature is quite different but when we use polar fleece or minkee as a backing, we don't put a batting in between. The minkee does the job. I love your Aunt Millies Garden quilt, is it needleturn?
    Happy Sewing!


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