Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Bible Quilt, 1718 Coverlet and My Di Ford Mystery Quilt

Long time no see.  Well, I blame Facebook.  So many people have left blogger and moved to Facebook because they say it’s an easier format to use.  
I think some things about Facebook are easier, like posting photos but to me it doesn’t feel as personal a blog.
I may not have been blogging but I have been busy stitching.

I finally got all the words stitched on my Bible Quilt
 and the  blocks put together.
This is my version of Jan Patek’s pattern.

  Harriet Powers made the original quilt which is in the Museum of American History .
You can read all about her quilt HERE.
The Bible Quilt was such a fun quilt to make and I really enjoyed the journey.  
I wish I could say the same thing about this next quilt.
The 1718 Coverlet from the book by Susan Briscoe has to be one of the most challenging projects I have ever stitched.  Partly because it has so many little pieces and partly because I am such a terrible piecer
This is my version.  I am so, so happy to be finished with this top.

Maybe if I put it away for a while I will see it with new eyes.

You can read more about the original quilt HERE.

All I have to say about this quilt is What was I Thinking?  Or maybe I wasn’t thinking at all when I decided to make the 1718 Coverlet.

"Di Ford’s Mystery Quilt”
This one I did enjoy making.  It too was challenging but in a different way.
This was my first attempt at Broderie Perse and it has lots of English paper piecing.
I was too late to get in on Homestead Hearth’s BOM so I gathered my own fabrics  Some  from my stash and some I found on the internet.

Now that I am getting some of my projects completed it must be time to look around for something new.
Have you seen the Celebrating Mary Brown Pattern?

It was inspired by the Mary B Brown quilt circa 1851.
The pattern is by Corliss Searcey and is available in the US at Sentimental Stitches.
I hope everyone has been getting a lot of stitching done.
Until the next time,


  1. Well, Nancy, you've outdone yourself again! Three fabulous tops. I do hope the 1718 Coverlet grows on you because I just think it is superb, and especially the beautiful job you did on the piecing and appliqué! Your Bible Quilt looks so good and all your wording is done so well. And of course the Di Ford Mystery - makes me want to get back to mine. Thanks for sharing your work - I've missed reading your blog!

  2. Great work! I too like the Mary Brown quilt along with the Di Ford - and have the fabric in the drawer waiting on me!

  3. Such an amazing accomplishment in doing the 1718 Coverlet quilt. I looked at my friend's pattern - she got it just to study - my word, that is one intense project! Yours looks super! Congratulations on completed Di's Mystery quilt - our Mountmellick group is growing. Mary Brown looks wonderful & will enjoy watching your journey.

  4. Each is wonderful in its own right, but the Di Ford is definitely my fave. Please don't give up blogging !! FB can never replace it.

  5. It was great to see your post and all the beautiful quilting you've accomplished. The 1718 coverlet would have been quite the challenge and the Mary Brown quilt looks equally challenging but fun!

  6. What wonderful work you have been doing. Di Ford's patterns are so tempting. She often works out of Threadbear at Castlemaine, Victoria (Australia). I love visiting this shop but round trip is 9 hours so I have to do a bit of planning to get there.

    1. I flew all the way from Canada to visit the shop.

  7. Good to hear from you, Nancy.
    I am not on FB, so I have missed you.
    I think the Bible Quilt is so fun. Seems there were a couple of gals making it when I first started blogging. Having never seen it before, I found it quite charming.
    You really do love a challenge, don't you? Two incredible quilts made and another such pattern waiting in the wings. I'll watch in awe. : )

  8. Love the bible quilt, and the 1718 coverlet is a knockout! What an accomplishment. I have the book but haven't made a start and may never, he he. I still love looking at quilt blogs. I keep my FB mostly for family/personal, Instagram for mostly sashiko/quilting with a bit of personal mixed in. I hope blogs don't fade away completely. It's a good "journal" to keep a blog.

  9. Oh my! So much goodness. I did the Jan Patek Bible quilt design. Still not quilted. Your version is very good.
    I purchased the coverlet book recently. I think it may be something I just admire and not do. It does look like a challenge. You made it through and well done.
    I have the Mary Brown pattern sitting on my cutting table. Are you going to be doing that one any time soon.

  10. So great to see your work again, although I know exactly what you mean about FB (happened to me too lately...). I love your Bible quilt, and even if you have a troublesome relationship with your "1718", it is becoming an amazing quilt. And guess what? My next project is Mary Brown! She is (in)patiently waiting for me to finish the Palampore. I cannot wait to see your first blocks!

  11. many beautiful finishes. I have the book for the 1718 quilt and hope to start it next year. I have seen the pattern for the Mary Brown and can't wait to see what you do. Hugs

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  13. Nancy echaba en falta tus Entradas de blog,
    UNOS Trabajos magnificos como siempre
    mi favorito El misterio de Di Ford edredón, es maravilloso
    Facebook, me gusta Menos (me parece poco personal)
    Buena semana

  14. Wonderful to see your post! Your quilt tops are just gorgeous. I can't believe your 1718 Coverlet - what an ambitious project and Congratulations on a job well done. I also love your Bible Quilt and the Mount Mellick is a stunner. I will be happily following your progress on the Mary B Brown quilt!!

  15. PS I hope you don't stop posting on your blog. I love seeing your work and I'm not on FB either. The pictures of your progress and finished quilts are such wonderful eye candy!

  16. facebook is changing the way we operate online. However, I think there is a place for both. A blog lets you tell us things about your quilts which are important and meaningful.
    Your Bible quilt is so darling! I love it. The coverlet quilt has a very distinctive look-I have seen several and they all turn out charming.

  17. So glad you are sharing on the blog - I don't do facebook but suspect I'm missing a lot of inspiration. Congratulations on finishing the 1718 - looks wonderful! Mary Brown is a fabulous pattern - looking forward to following your progress :)

  18. Well done on your fabulous finishes!!!!!! So very nice. I thought that coverlet looked like lots of work. I am glad I gave it a miss. I do have the Mary Brown pattern somewhere, I think. That looks like fun. I am still blogging on Blogger, and I have made a lame page on Facebook, but have not done much with it because it seems like it would be twice the work! I am not technical enough to figure out short cuts or connect the two...

  19. Glad to see your progress! I agree about facebook. I took a long break from blogging as we moved, but I am glad to finally have some time to visit my favorite bloggers again. It's so inspiring

  20. Your Bible Quilt turned out wonderfully! Congratulations. I have the pattern and the story books and have always admired Harriet Powers work.
    wow - your top is great too! great job

  21. Happy to see you posting again.
    All 3 of your newly completed quilt tops are amazing!
    The 1718 Coverlet looks extremely complex and intricate to piece.
    Your version is spectacular! As are your Bible quilt and Di Ford medallion.

    I too love that Celebrating Mary Brown quilt!
    It's on my short list of future quilt projects.
    Look forward to following your journey with this one.

  22. The bible quilt is so charming! I have to admit that I ran out of gas around the eighth row of the 1718 Coverlet--or maybe fell out of love--just couldn't motivate myself to go further. I'm impressed that you have yours finished and it looks wonderful!

  23. I started the 1718 coverlet but had a busy year of travel and forgot to keep working on it. I got bout 20 of the early easy blocks done. I keep thinking that when life slows down a bit, I will get back to it. A girl can dream. Yours looks amazing!


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