Friday, May 8, 2015

Ohio Collection Sampler

I missed posting last Friday so I have two weeks of work to post about today.

Spice Pink

Folk Art Birds

Folk Art Flowers

I have been using Kona cotton for the solids in this quilt and am not very happy with the way the pieces look after being washed.  I always wash my blocks after stitching to remove the glue and starch.  I am wondering if it is just the Kona or do all solids do this?

The Stork

Tree Everlasting

Small Baskets

Cactus Basket

Since I have finished all the blocks I plan on making for this quilt I thought I would start trying to figure out just how I was going to get them all sewn into a quilt.

I can say it has not been an easy task.   Lots and lots of Y seams and little empty spots to fill with fabric. I needed to make several filler blocks of squares, strips and half square triangles.

It’s like trying to put together a giant puzzle made out of cloth where the pieces seem to keep changing size.  There has been much taking out and putting back, some do overs because of careless cutting but I think I may have this one all together by next Friday.

Be sure and check out Lori, Cathy, LuAnn and Karen’s blogs for there progress this week.
Until next time,


  1. Grandísimo trabajo !!!!!!
    todos tus bloque son prefectos

  2. Full steam ahead! Nice work!! Love your blocks!

  3. I see you made the stork block. Nice! Your blocks are going together well even though it has been a challenge for you. About what size quilt do you think you will end up with?

  4. What beautiful blocks! I have enjoyed seeing your progress. I have had similar concerns with the Kona solids although friends do some lovely work with them. My go to solids now are Moda's Bellas. Looking forward to more progress pix!

  5. Your blocks are stunning !! Common problem with solids. Sometimes I have better luck if I do not completely dry the block and press while damp. Kona also has a Kona Premium Ultra White fabric I really like. I believe it only comes in two colors, Ultra White and Black. It costs more than the standard Kona fabrics...I like how it feels. Thanks for posting your blocks for us.
    Kathy V

  6. I've not used the Kona solids, so I have no experience to share, but I think your blocks are beautiful.
    What a challenge to pull it all together!

  7. Interesting situation with the Konas. But your blocks look beautiful and you seem to be getting them in some kind of balance. Can't wait to see what happens by next week.

  8. I'm getting the Ohio book for Mother's Day - very exciting!

  9. Looking great! I'm not sure what you mean by the problem with the solids? are the colours running a little? have fun with the jigsaw:)

  10. Your blocks are gorgeous, but now I'm feeling like are real slacker. :)

  11. It may be frustrating to you, but from here it looks fabulous. Great job on your blocks. They are very vintage looking and wonderful.:)

  12. Your blocks look great put together. I' am enjoying working on these blocks with you girls.

  13. I'm always amazed at your beautiful appliqué! It's going to be a wonderful quilt and with a few 'coping strips or blocks' it will come together nicely. As for the background fabrics, I find the Moda has a tendency to ravel on the edges a bit where the Kona does not.

  14. Your blocks are all gorgeous...and look fantastic all laid out!
    This top and quilt will be stunning!

  15. What beauties, Carla. Whichever layout you decide on, it's going to be a fabulous quilt.

  16. Worth all the puzzling! Looks fantastic.


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