Monday, April 6, 2015

Ohio Collection

Ohio Collection has been in my library for a while but I never thought I would actually make the quilt because of the Eagle pattern.  It looked really difficult and I didn’t especially like it or think it looked quite right in this quilt.  After reading  on Karen’s blog Log Cabin Quilter that she and Lori from Humble Quilts were making this quilt I wrote Karen and she said they were going to change the eagle - duh! - Wonder why I never thought of doing this.

I have stitched most of the pieced blocks and am pretty happy with them except for the yellow fabric.  It’s more yellow than it appears in the picture.  I’m thinking more of a cheddar color fabric would have looked better.  It could changed  but I just can’t see myself making another one of those spiked circle blocks.  I was really rather surprised I  could make it the first time and don’t want to push my luck.

Four of the appliqué blocks stitched and now I need to decide what  to do about that eagle block.

I started  going through all of my books on antique quilts and discovered several with eagles.

Funny thing while looking through "The American Quilt" book I found two quilts with eagles that  look like they were made from patterns from my EQ7.

This one is named Eagle, c1850-1875 from northeastern Ohio 

This one is also called Eagles and is dated around 1926 made by Sarah Risser in Pennsylvania.

This block is prepped  from a combination of patterns from EQ7 and I was surprised to see how much it  looks like the eagles in the previous quilt.
I will have to find another use for it because it is just not what I want for this quilt.

I did find a picture of an Eagle in this book I really like and now I  need to figure out a way to get it to the correct size .
Until next time!


  1. Nice work on those blocks! It is really looking fabulous!

  2. todos los bloques son fantásticos
    el color amarillo es perfecto
    el águila me gusta,
    ¡¡ estaré atenta a los avances!!

  3. It does seem that the eagle on the Ohio Collection looks a bit modern, doesn't it?
    Your blocks look great. Just throw in a little of that yellow in a few more blocks sprinkled through the quilt and it will balance out. : )

  4. Your peiced and appliqued blocks look beautiful! I love the quilts in that last book - I'm sure you will be able to find an eagle you like in there. I like the one you have prepped too. I think the yellow looks fresh and bright. You could try appliqueing a flower or another slightly smaller circle in the middle of the spiky circle block if you want to tone it down. What a gorgeous quilt you are making :0)

  5. I now have no issue changing out blocks in a pattern, for so long I had the mindset, "it has to be made "this" way, but not any more. I've got the book but not the pattern. The Eagle has intrigued me, maybe one day......... Thanks for sharing your progress.

  6. Your blocks look great and the yellow is good. I agree with the other commenter just add it in a couple more blocks. You will know the right eagle when you see it. Really nice quilt :)

  7. You have been quietly working on these blocks and today was a big reveal. It's fun how one thing can keep us from doing something or stall us along the way. I've always loved that eagle quilt with the yellow background. Your eagle is going to look great.

  8. Oh my, another beautiful quilt you are making! I'm sure when you get finished, whichever eagle you use will look perfect! Glad to see what you've been working on!

  9. Hurray! So many blocks made. I enlarged a picture from the Ohio Miami Valley book for my eagle. Lori's eagle came from EQ. I use a proportional scale to give me an idea of how much to enlarge a design. It came from an office supply store but I have not seen one there in a long time. I think you can find the info online now instead of using the scale like I have.

  10. Karen told me Nancy was working on this quilt, too, and I wondered if it was you. Great blocks. That eagle has me stumped a bit, too. I just have EQ5, and there is one eagle in there that I think I'll use as a jumping off point. I like your blocks.

  11. Your blocks look great, and I love the yellow! Looks like you have some good choices for the eagle - can't wait to see more!

  12. Looking good! Maybe a more prim eagle will speak to you. Love all of your blocks.

  13. Very nice that you already had the book! Your blocks are looking wonderful.:) It's great that you're all making the eagle block more personal too!

  14. Your blocks are all beautiful and I htink your eagle block turned out wonderful!


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