Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blocks, Borders and Decisions

Auntie Green side borders

Noah and Matilda side border

Chester Criswell Mary McDowell Block 28

Chester Criswell Maria Criswell Block 29

Block 13 The center Benjamin Biggs block

Benjamin Biggs Block 14 

I have been doing a lot of stitching this month keeping up with all the quilts I have in progress.
Chester Criswell, Auntie Green and Noah and Matilda are almost coming to an end but I have several others in  the beginning stage.

I have also been contemplating getting rid of my long arm machine. I can never seem to get it to work the way I want it to and spend a lot of time taking out stitches.  Maybe hand quilting is the way to go.  I do love hand quilted quilts but they take so long to finish.

Maybe I could be like my Paternal Grandmother an amazing woman pictured here in a newspaper article.  Who at the age of 98 was still quilting away.
We can only hope.

I know I am not able to afford quilting by check as most of my tops are appliquéd and need custom quilting and I have a lot of tops that need to be turned into quilts.  So many decisions.  I think I will just go for a walk.
Hope you find some time to do what makes you happy today.


  1. How many quilts could you afford to have quilted with the proceeds from selling the long arm?

  2. preciosos trabajos!!!!
    felicidades por su abuela
    es para estar tan orgullosa!!!!
    buen domingo

  3. The Auntie Green border especially is just incredible. LOVE that particular quilt.:) I too hope that I can still be happily stitching when I'm very old. That is a wonderful picture and memory of your grandmother! Interesting that you can't get along with your long arm machine very well. My mom never could with hers either. I wonder if it's the way certain people are hardwired or if it just takes a great deal of patience to learn? I can't afford to pay someone to finish my quilts and still buy fabric so I do what I do. Most of the time I'm happy with the results, but every now and then I have to face up to the fact that I will never personally be able to finish all my quilts tops this way.:)

  4. Wow! Love all of these but especially the borders. You are doing some awesome work!

  5. You have worked hard! They are all beautiful! What a wonderful picture of your grandmother. You never know, you may have got those genes too!

  6. Wonderful applique work, Nancy! I especially love the Auntie Green borders and the Benjamin Biggs blocks.
    Could you adjust to quilting on a sit-down midarm? You could probably afford one if you sell your long arm. It is a different process, but you might want to check into it.

  7. What beautiful borders you have! I had almost forgotten about Auntie Green - so pretty! How neat that your grandmother made it to 98 and was still quilting. If you do the same, you will have time to get all those quilts hand quilted. Hope you are happy with your decision that you make about your long arm.

  8. Your Auntie Green side borders are wonderful - such happy looking flowers! You have been busy stitching and it all looks beautiful. The picture of your grandma is an inspiration - wow! I love handquilting too but struggle along doing some machine quilting with my domestic machine. It there just could be more hours in the day.... :0)

  9. You must be appliquing both day and night. Auntie Greens's border is so beautiful. What a treasure to have your grandma photo quilting. There just never will be enough time to do or finish what we would like so we just do what we can and enjoy every moment along the way. Beautiful work!

  10. Des travaux sublime,Bravo a cette gentille grand mêre
    Amicalement de France

  11. These are great blocks, and you are making wonderful progress!

  12. Lots of lovely work - I especially love all your pretty borders! I'd love to be quilting at 98 too - what a woman!

  13. I love the borders and the blocks you show, especially the Auntie Green's, with the spring-flowers (I am longing for spring...). You are quite right about the handquilting. It is the most beautiful way to quilt an applique-quilt, but it is so time-consuming. Hope we all live to be 98 and are still able to quilt, like your ancestor!

  14. Beautiful work, as usual. You are incredibly prolific! What a dear photo of your grandmother. I understand your dilemma about the long arm. Some of us are really hard wired for handwork and I swear, I think the machines just know it!


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