Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Year With Chester County Criswell

Block 12 - Martha Lamborn 

I finished block 12 the wreath block of my Chester County Criswell quilt last week.  I discovered after completing the block that the little flower centers were supposed to be done in reverse appliqué but no matter mine are not.

Here are all twelve of my blocks.  They haven't been squared up as I will do that when I have them all finished and decide how I want to arrange them in my quilt.
I also need to decide if I want to make the smaller version of the quilt or duplicate some of the blocks to make the larger version.  Sharon has a description of both versions  here.

I thought I had been doing really well keeping up with the blocks every month and was just about to start doing a little back patting when I paid a visit to Karen's blog.  How amazing she is.

It really doesn't seem like we have been working on this quilt for a year and I am looking forward to seeing what blocks Sharon sends us next year.


  1. Those leaves look very complicated! Great work Nancy!

  2. You're a champion! I know how hard it is to keep up with a year's commitment. You're work is lovely as always. How did you do the flower centres? Like the red fabric, what is it?

  3. I don't think it makes a bit of difference whether you did reverse applique or not on the wreath block. It is just a way to get the block done. Your blocks are wonderful! Now you are all set for part two when it starts.

  4. Your appliqué on block #12 is beautiful, did you make the wreath stem with bias? All of your blocks look great together. It is hard to believe that we have been working on this quilt for a year :)

  5. Lovely collection of blocks...whatever you decide it will be a great quilt. Big or small, either one is stunning.

  6. Your blocks are so pretty! It will be a lovely quilt!

  7. More exquisite work - love it!!! Would you move to Logan so you can teach me how to do this beautiful applique?? Please, please, please!!


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