Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blog Friends!

When I started blogging it was mainly to  keep a record of my quilting and where it was going.  
I never expected to become acquainted with so many great people.  
Take Sharon for instance from Grass Roots Quilting.  We have never met in person but we communicate through our blogs..  When Sharon read about my red and white Farmers Wife quilt she wrote and offered to send me some reds since I had used all of mine.
Well, Yesterday I got a package in the mail and when I opened it here were all these red fabrics.
These will look great in my quilt.
Thanks Sharon.


Sharon said...

You are so welcome!

krishna said...

wow!!!! a very cute friendship... i must admire that..

krishna said...

i do many kind of crafts... also i love travel n write my travel stories.. whenever you get time please do visit my blog..

Kris said...

What a neat friend and what great fabrics!! You are one lucky girl, Nancy!!