Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beyond the Cherry Trees Oh My!

It was a nasty day here yesterday power blinking on and off and I didn't want to use my machines so I decided to square up my Beyond the Cherry Trees blocks...all 24 of them.

Squaring up blocks has always made me a little nervous so I bought a 16 1/2" square up ruler to use.  These rulers are not cheap but I thought if it would make squaring up a little less stressful it was worth it.

The first few blocks were easy no problem even if some of the pieces were just barley a 1/4 inch from the sides. Then I started running into trouble.

The applique pieces were outside the 16 1/2 inches.


I thought I was being very careful putting the patterns together just right.  I guess I should have been checking each block to make sure but it never occurred to me they would not be correct and I didn't know what size the blocks were supposed to be until a couple of months ago.  I have 10 blocks to go back and fix.
They say we learn from our mistakes.  I think what I have learned is not to assume a pattern is correct.
To always check to be sure before you just go blindly stitching away.
All this can be fixed with a little time and patience it just means I am not as far along with this quilt as I thought.
I hope your stitching is going better than mine.


  1. I know my blocks are not going to be 16 1/2" I'm going to make all of them, and then buy a big square like you got, and trim them to the largest block. (if I can) I think it has to do with how your printer prints the blocks. Some will scale the design to fit the page and that will give you issues.

  2. Beautiful blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing the entire quilt.

  3. What an interesting ruler! I've not seen that. Your blocks are just lovely! What are you going to do to correct the problem? So sorry after all the work you put into them.

  4. When I read your post, my heart just sank. I'm sure that must have been very disappointing. Sounds like you've got a good attitude about it all. The blocks are really beautiful so it will be well worth the modifications.


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