Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hearts and Flowers Border One

I finally got the first border on my Hearts and Flowers quilt.  Lots of inside points  on this one.  I worry about them fraying so I think I over stitch them..  There must be an easier way.


  1. That is beautiful! You have gotten a lot of stitching done lately.

  2. I use Fray Block by June Taylor where ever I think there is going to be fraying. Do not use Fray Check as it can dry with some yellowish color to it and sometimes be hard to get the needle through it. Fray Block dries colorless and soft enough to needle through it when appliquing. It comes in about a 6-inch tube and you can find it at Walmart on the notions wall.b I love your block.

  3. I use starch, it helps hold the shape until you are done appliqueing, then washes away easily. - Mary

  4. Well...I'm impressed!! I would like to do this of these days!!!

  5. YOur Hearts and Flowers quilt is sew beautiful, Nancy. It's inspiring. ; )


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